RELAX WORLD「Acoustic life guitar」5月17日リリース!

Acoustic life guitar
発売日 : 2019年5月17日
品番 : SCDD-1392




tr. 1 Overflowing sun
tr. 2 Blue in blue
tr. 3 Seaside town
tr. 4 Small white flower
tr. 5 Lohas daily
tr. 6 Morning shower
tr. 7 Nostalgic Return
tr. 8 At the end of the cloud
tr. 9 Morning light
tr. 10 Healing fountain
tr. 11 Blew in the wind of star sand
tr. 12 Aroma of freesia
tr. 13 Connected hands and hands
tr. 14 The windy road
tr. 15 Take a nap on the sandy beach
tr. 16 Lake on the hill
tr. 17 Magic of the wind
tr. 18 Sky blue blouse
tr. 19 Overlapping rainbow light
tr. 20 Overflowing melody