RELAX WORLD「Dreamy Music Box 432Hz “Solfeggio Music for Deep Sleep”」12月27日リリース!

Dreamy Music Box 432Hz “Solfeggio Music for Deep Sleep”

発売日 : 2019年12月27日

品番 : SCDD-1447


tr. 1 Abyss of Dreams
tr. 2 Meadow of Stardust
tr. 3 Space lily
tr. 4 Dream clock
tr. 5 Dance of the Light
tr. 6 Sleep Trajectory
tr. 7 River of Dreams
tr. 8 Fantasy Rain
tr. 9 Healing Tears
tr. 10 Dream in Forest
tr. 11 Blessing of the Light
tr. 12 Dream of the Healing Sea
tr. 13 Eternal healing
tr. 14 Beyond the Healing
tr. 15 Melty
tr. 16 Nothing Else
tr. 17 Become Water
tr. 18 Cell Dreams
tr. 19 Memories
tr. 20 Mother

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