RELAX WORLD「Relaxing Sounds 432Hz “Ultimate Deep Sleep Music”」1月10日リリース!

Relaxing Sounds 432Hz “Ultimate Deep Sleep Music”

発売日 : 2020年1月10日

品番 : SCDD-1450


tr. 01 Endless universe
tr. 02 Blue oasis
tr. 03 Held in an endless sky
tr. 04 Clean
tr. 05 Aftermath of whisper
tr. 06 Scattered circle of light
tr. 07 Eternal moon
tr. 08 Shower of peace
tr. 09 Road when
tr. 10 Beautiful bubble ball
tr. 11 glossy sun
tr. 12 Light that melts in
tr. 13 Water surface of fluctuation
tr. 14 particle
tr. 15 Transparent light shadow
tr. 16 With swaying leaves
tr. 17 Extend to the sky
tr. 18 Time to stay
tr. 19 atmosphere
tr. 20 Rainbow door

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