『Chill Café Beats /Peaceful Guitar “Soothing Time”』8月28日リリース!

Peaceful Guitar “Soothing Time”
Chill Café Beats

発売日 : 2020年8月28日
品番 : SCDD-1539


tr. 16「Many lives」

tr. 01 Sunset and wind
tr. 02 Distant Dream
tr. 03 Pampas grass
tr. 04 The Memory
tr. 05 Red bicycle
tr. 06 Setting sun
tr. 07 Orange sunbeams
tr. 08 Your voice
tr. 09 Swaying scenery
tr. 10 Clover
tr. 11 Your home
tr. 12 Autumn flowers
tr. 13 Bellworm
tr. 14 Walk with clouds
tr. 15 Kind heart
tr. 16 Many lives
tr. 17 The Sun set song
tr. 18 For tomorrow
tr. 19 Sigh of the sky
tr. 20 Way home