『Sugar Candy / Deep Sleep Healing 〜starry sounds for bedtime』10月16日リリース!

Deep Sleep Healing 〜starry sounds for bedtime
Sugar Candy

発売日 : 2020年10月16日
品番 : SCDD-1557


Starry sky music that you can feel with your eyes closed.
A planetarium-like scene spreads just by listening,Ideal for relaxing before going to bed. Invite you to a comfortable and deep sleep.

tr.01「starry sky」

tr. 01 starry sky
tr. 02 zodiac sign
tr. 03 polaris
tr. 04 wish upon a star
tr. 05 a map
tr. 06 the milky way
tr. 07 blissful ballad
tr. 08 starry cat
tr. 09 feels sleepy
tr. 10 slow down